In Uncategorized on September 29, 2016 at 9:28 am

Oh dear, I think I’ve been hacked. Well, technically ‘spoofed’.

A few people contacted me recently to say they’d received suspicious messages from my email address. Of course the first thing I did was panic. And then I calmed down, changed my passwords and completed gmail’s very helpful security checklist.

But then the messages kept on coming.

It seems that I’m not necessarily the victim of a hacker, more of a spoofing attack.

Google describe it really well:
“When you send a letter through the post, you generally write a return address on the envelope so the recipient can identify the sender, and so the post office can return the mail to the sender in the event of a problem. But nothing prevents you from writing a different return address than your own; in fact, someone else could send a letter and put your return address on the envelope. Email works the same way. When a server sends an email message, it specifies the sender, but this sender field can be forged. If there is a problem with delivery and someone forged your address on the message, then the message will be returned to you, even if you weren’t the actual sender.”

And that appears to be what’s happened. I’ve taken the precautionary measures that Google suggest I follow, but even they admit that spoofing can’t be stopped 100%. They assure me they’re on to it, but if you receive an email from me in error in the meantime, I’m sorry (on behalf of someone or something out there who’s using my name).

If you have any top tips on what else I might do to prevent this happening any more, I’m all ears.


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