Revealing secrets

In Museums on July 3, 2014 at 6:02 pm

Last year I wrote a blog post about a secret that had managed to come my way about a forthcoming exhibition. At the time I thought it was incredibly exciting and wondered whether I would spill the beans, or even if someone else would.

Now the wait is over – the secret is out. Indeed, it has been released in the proper way by a press release. I managed not to tell anyone, and am feeling rather smug about that. But I’m also enjoying the fact that other people are getting excited about this news too.

It’s the news that the British Library’s temporary exhibition next year about Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy will feature original copies of both the US Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Here’s the full press release. The New York Public Library and the US National Archives are both making historic loans of these items and I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing them displayed alongside Magna Carta.

For those who wonder why Magna Carta is an important document, these items coming on loan to be alongside it are surely proof enough. Magna Carta changed history and without it we wouldn’t have these landmark pieces of legislation. And of course they give rise to things like the UN and EU Declarations of Human Rights and countless others. Seeing them all together in one room next will be a real treat.

And I didn’t spill the beans once!


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