What does your facebook status tell us about you?

In Museums on November 15, 2013 at 12:38 pm

Have you played with the facebook app What would I say? It’s a creative and non-intrusive way of looking back at your status updates from the past. And it’s pretty good fun too.

Once you’ve given the website your facebook login and password – which doesn’t appear to then result in your identity being stolen – it trundles through your previous updates and splices words and phrases randomly, creating new potential updates for you, often with hilarious effect.

Recent ones thrown up for me included:

“I curated an exhibition for a peculiar range of objects from London for the secret service”

“Audioguide by yours truly. Take part in tray 1. Who puts jam in your honour?”

“Imperial War and bailey’s, would they fancy being interviewed for Glastonbury tickets later?”

“Ah, the British Museum or heritage sector too, but it sucks to the material girl”

“Well, think of a word, so sheepish and went freelance”

Looking back at these reveals that I probably talk about myself and museums too much in facebook status updates and ask a lot of questions. And that I like jam and Madonna.


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