Ssssh, it’s a secret …

In Museums, Uncategorized on April 23, 2013 at 9:53 am

What do you think about secrets?

There are some necessary secrets we all need to keep – your PIN and passwords; anything to do with the security of the nation; perhaps some personal medical information. But after that I get a bit nervous about keeping secrets.

Someone told me a secret recently. I felt honoured to be told it. And then found myself wondering what I’m supposed to do with that information – apart from keep it secret, of course. But if they’ve told me the secret already, then is it still a secret any more? And does that mean that I’m allowed to share it??

It’s not a hugely important one in the scheme of things – it’s about an exciting plan for an exhibition coming up in a few years. Of course I can’t give any clues as to where the exhibition might be or what it’s about – but I can tell you that it’s pretty darn exciting news in the world of museums and heritage. It’ll be all over the news when it comes to it.

Have I said too much already, I wonder?

No, it’s fine. I’ve just acknowledged that I know something you don’t (unless you’re the person who told me and you’re reading this) which is sort of showing off.

There’s a lot of that in the museum/gallery/heritage sector – people tend to think that the decisions they take in private are much more important than they really are. Some announcements to the press in recent years have supposed to be huge media splashes, but have of course ended up being a public outing of the best-known secret across the sector. Gossip and word-of-mouth are pretty powerful tools.

Perhaps I’ll just keep this post sitting here on my blog for a few years and then, when the mighty revelation comes, I’ll revisit this and see if the secret ended up being kept a secret or if it got blown in the meantime. Watch this space ….


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