Comedy fake celebrity Tweeter of the year

In Awards on December 21, 2012 at 11:07 am

Of the 500 million registered users of twitter, about 400 million of them must be spoofs – people imitating famous celebrities and mocking them with caustic comedy in under 140 characters. There are fake Pippa Middletons, fake Barack Obamas and even fake Popes.

There are, of course, a lot to choose from, but here are my three favourites from this year.

@KatieWeasel has made this year’s X-Factor bearable to watch, in parts, thanks to her bitchy comments, imitating the exuberant and distinctive (and slightly bonkers) 2010 contestant Katie Waissel. And so we award her third place.

Two years ago, nobody had heard of the phrase ‘gin o’clock’, but thanks to second place @Queen_UK it’s now everywhere. The writer who parodies her  majesty has figured out not only how to write funny tweets, but also how to turn it into a business, having sold thousands of copies of his books detailing how HMQ really thinks.

But the top spot has to go to the irregular – but always hilarious – tweets of @desree_life who pokes fun at celebrities across the board using her own brand of scanning poetry, inspired by Des’ree’s 1998 song Life.

For example her tweet on the day the Leveson enquiry report was released:

“It has been quite a long wait.
Now we’ll learn the media’s fate.
Will they still self regulate?
Just like Warren G and Nate”

NB: it’s not all clean, so watch out.

More awards to come on Christmas Day …


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