YouTube video of the year

In Awards on December 19, 2012 at 11:30 am

It’s the time of year when awards abound – mostly just for money-making opportunities and a chance to wear a rented tuxedo. Once again, I shall be celebrating the end of the year with a spectacular and glamorous ceremony at which my annual awards will be offered up to the nation.

And for the first instalment, I will be awarding Youtube video of the year.

You might expect PSY’s Gangnam Style or one of its many parodies to make an appearance in the line up, and quite rightly no award for Internet videos this year can be complete without mentioning it, but the judges felt that it has had quite enough exposure, thank you, and will be overlooked in the final placing.

In third place comes the viral sensation captured of Kim Wilde singing on a train on her way home from a Christmas party. She’s had a drink a two, but she can still sing Kids in America to people on the train.

The next award goes to American TV cook Paula Deen. This video of her deepfrying a piece of cheesecake has been online for a while, but I only came across it this year. Not entirely sure how she can get away with this, but it does look amazing. Keep an eye out for the ‘vegetable’ she adds at the end.

First place goes to my absolute favourite of the year when Australian PM Julia Gillard fell over on a visit to India. I wish her no harm – in fact I quite respect her – but this is just hilarious and I can watch her face-planting repeatedly without stopping laughing.

More awards to come…


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