Dreaming of libraries

In Uncategorized on June 11, 2012 at 10:16 am

I had a dream about libraries the other night. Yeah, it took me by surprise as well. I thought I’d write it up.

It started strangely when, like all good dreams, the world had been taken over by aliens. The invading forces informed the human race that one of their first acts was going to be vaporising all the national libraries and archives on the planet. How unfair, I hear you gasp.

The generous aliens did, however, allow us to remove and keep just five items from all of the libraries in the world. Five items in total to sum up humanity.

I flattered myself in my dream that I’d been summoned to the committee that was going to save them. What would be pick?

In the end we opted for Magna Carta, a first folio of Shakespeare, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a Gutenberg Bible and – due to pressure from the Americans – the US Declaration of Independence.

The documents were saved and the libraries duly destroyed. But then the aliens informed us that three of the documents were far too concerned with the rights of humans and their plight for democracy, so vaporised those too.

So in the end we just had a bible and a copy of Shakespeare which, incidentally, is what you get provided as reading material on Radio 4’s Desert Island Disks.

And then I woke up.
Strange dream I know, but there we are.

What would you have picked if there were allowed to choose just five objects from any library in the world? Would you have chosen historically signifcant documents? Or your favourite author? Hmmm, I wonder what I’d choose if I wasn’t in dream-world …


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