Sandwich of the Year 2011

In Awards on December 23, 2011 at 10:03 am

2011 has been another year of travelling around the country for me, mostly with the intention of visiting museums, of course. As a freelancer on the go, I find I eat a lot of sandwiches, so for the third instalment of my annual awards, I’ve chosen my favourite three.

First runner up goes to the Marks & Spencer (the staple of any train-reliant freelancer) Roast beef and horseradish sandwich which has long been a favourite comfort food of mine, especially if you’ve had a hard day and all you want is a hug in a sandwich.

Second prize goes to the cafe of the Ulster Museum, Belfast who have a charming new cafe in their redeveloped museum. After marching around their fabulous displays you need to stop for soup and a sandwich which is served in traditionally Irish generous portions.

But first prize goes to the cafe bar of the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. This place reminds me of the kind of place I like to find if I’m visiting Europe – it has that special the kind of laid back and arty environment that we don’t tend to do that well in the UK. Sip a glass of wine with their tasty fresh sarnies (and many other things beside) and be sure to try the polenta chips. And when you’re done, go look at the art or one of the other world-class museums within a few minutes.

Lunch. Museum. Done.


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