‘Glasgow Guggenheim’ is here

In Museums on June 23, 2011 at 10:12 am

This week the new Riveside Museum in Glasgow has opened its doors to the public. I got to pay the site a visit a few weeks ago when they were in the process of putting the finishing touches to the display. It’s a magnificent building, standing proudly at the edge of the city in an area of redvelopment. It’s a striking, modern space from the new superstar of museum design, Zaha Hadid.

In the past this project has been dubbed the ‘Glasgow Guggenheim‘ due to its architectural similarities with the Bilbao museum. That’s not necessarily true inside, but the flow and curves of the roof here and the striking position on the riveride do certainly draw comparisons between the two buildings.

The glass window to the right of this picture faces out onto the river, while the rest of the building snakes away in a large S-shape, with another huge glazed facade at the ‘front’ of the building. And due to the clever work of the strucutral engineers on this project, there are no supporting columns anywhere in the interior of the space – that amazing roof is entirely self-supporting.

The museum is proud to tell us that they presently have on display twice the number of objects that were on show in the old transport museum – and being inside this space, you can tell. It’s packed with objects from floor to ceiling, although it’s interesting to note that hardly any of the interpretation is against a wall. Event Communciations have masterminded the interpretation and display, allowing objects to tell stories in a variety of ways using installations on pedastals, many of which can be moved out of the way or replaced in the future, alowing for the display to be amended and updated in the future.

I strongly recommend you go see it for yourself.


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