Windows. No, not Microsoft …

In Dulwich OnView, new content on June 21, 2011 at 12:02 pm

Hmmm, windows are rather interesting things aren’t they?

Thin pieces of glass – a very fragile substance. They allow us to peer out and they allow us to see in. Stained and decorated they can become works of art. And straight-edged frames allow us to create ever-changing pictures on the walls of our homes.

What of the metaphor of a window?
They have been used in various shapes on TV (by Playschool), as a brand name for Microsoft and as the settings for a variety of works of art.

I’ve started a new series of articles for Dulwich OnView based around the Rembrandt painting in Dulwich Picture Gallery Girl at a Window. I found myself wondering who she was and what she was looking out at. Indeed the enigmatic nature of this painting is part of its appeal why it has been so popular at DPG over the years.

So, my take on this is called Boy at a Window. In each article over the next few months I will be looking out of a different window and musing on why the building in which it is situated is interesting or significant to me. The first two pieces are online already on DOV:

Boy at a Window: Dulwich Picture Gallery
Boy at a Window 2: Brockwell Hall

There’ll be more to follow. If you think of a window in Dulwich you’d like me to look through, then give me a shout.



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