Lambeth Palace Library iPhone app

In Museums, new content on February 22, 2011 at 10:01 am

I’ve got another app out in the iTunes app store.

The audio guide I wrote for a temporary exhibition last year at Lambeth Palace, Treasures of Lambeth Palace Library, was such a success that it’s been turned into a resource for people to find out more about the collections there – on their phones.You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s mostly church material in the exhibition. Well, there’s a lot of that yes – it’s an ecclesiastical collection after all – but there are also some rather surprising pieces of royal memerobilia in there too.

There’s a bit of background about the Palace library and then a selection of a couple of dozen objects from the collection, including:

– a welcome from Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury (from when I got to interview him last year!)
Elizabeth I’s prayer book and her signature on Mary Queen of Scots’ death warrant
– a document with Henry VIII’s handwriting
– an original Gutenberg Bible (one of the first to come to the UK)
– the gloves Charles I was wearing on the day of his execution
– plus some amazing illuminated manuscripts and ancient texts from the collection

Each entry has a picture of the work in question and my audio commentary. Although you’ll be pleased to hear it’s not me on the recording – they get a professional in for that!

The app has been produced by ATS Heritage, as part of their Talking Guides series.

£2.39 from the iTunes app store, if you fancy a bit of ecclesiastical learning on the move.


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