Word of the Year

In Awards on December 21, 2010 at 9:41 am

The final instalment in my annual award ceremony is here. Unlike the other awards Word of the Year 2010 hasn’t simply been decided by me in my ivory tower. Instead, I invited some other people round to my ivory tower to tell me what they think the most important word of this year has been.

I was looking for a word that will sum up the spirit of the last twelve months when we look back at 2010 in, say. a decade or so. Will we remember this year for a landmark shift in British politics, for the ash cloud which dominated and disrupted our travel plans or for a previously unheard of musical instrument?

It turns out there is a three-way tie between the largest words in this picture:

You can view the wordcloud (which is one of my favourite words of the year) in full at

Thanks to all those who took part. The voters are all freelancers who I’ve met through various connections over the years. They are lovely people who, like me, celebrate the freedoms (and appreciate the frustrations) of being a self-employed creative. They all deserve a quick mention, so if you fancy a browse of the cream of the creative and entrepreneurial talent in London right now, just scroll down here and take a look at their websites.

The voters were:
Alan Shaw, developer of the iPhone app GPSMS
Tegwen Tucker, actress and voice over artist
Alyson Webb of the cultural app consultancy Frankly, Green and Webb
Ann Curtis, editor of the online magazine Museum [Insider]
Gerlinde Gniewosz, owner of educational app developer Zuztertu Ltd
Yang-May Ooi, business coach at ZenGuide Coaching
Sue King, designer of bespoke glassware pieces
Kath Cockshaw, freelance curator and project manager
Debbie Bartlett, 3D design guru
Catriona Ryan, director of the Armchair Theatre Company
Cathleen Taylor, Events Director at the Association of Celebrity Assistants
Kate Paul, author of many museum and gallery audio guide scripts
Tim Groves, theatrical marketing guru
Angie MacDonald, owner of ZenAngie website design studio
Maria Blyzinski and Sian Flynn of the creative cooperative The Exhibitions Team


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