New museum for Oxford

In Museum [Insider], Museums, new content on December 21, 2010 at 1:40 pm

Oxford has been the centre of much museological interest in recent years, with major redevelopments taking place at the Ashmolean and the Pitt Rivers and with countless smaller museum and library interventions and world-class exhibitions. Now the city is set to play host to another new museum – The Story Museum.

It’s being housed in a building in the city centre which has already been secured. The revamped structure will open to the public in 2014. The plan of how they will get to that point is covered in an article on Museum [Insider].

The museum aims to be a place where children and adults can explore stories ā€“ old and modern and from around the world ā€“ and learn about their creators. There is mounting evidence that enjoying a rich variety of stories as they grow helps children to fulfil their potential. It can even break cycles of deprivation.

This won’t be just a museum, though. The Story Museum is already taking story performances, exhibitions, activities and ideas to schools and communities. We will watch with interest to see what happens there next .


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