London rail terminus of the year

In Awards on December 9, 2010 at 9:10 am

As a freelance museum consultant I spend a lot of time on the road – or more precisely the rail – travelling around the country to see clients. I’m based in London, so I find myself quite regularly using the various terminus stations around the edge of the city centre to get trains out to farflung places. At the moment I’m spending a lot of time in the southwest region, working on audioguide and multimedia guide projects.

So, for the next instalment in my annual awards, which started earlier this week with my favourite iPhone apps of the year, I ask you to consider your favourite London train station (no really). Here’s my verdict…

Runners up

Paddington – The judge(s) noted the excellent range of facilities and shopping opportunities when en route to the west country. Favourites include a very compact – yet well-stocked – M&S Food and an outlet of Paul.

Waterloo – ten years ago you wouldn’t have rated Waterloo as one of the top stations in London, but it’s sharpened up its game of late. I find it particularly good for promotional freebies. Best win this year was a pot of hot porridge on a cold morning.

And the winner is …

St Pancras – An easy choice, really. We all know you can have champagne before a train journey. But did you know there are TWO M&S Food stores in the station? It’s an iconic building in London and it will be for years to come. Plus with trains about to run direct to Germany in 2011, it’ll be even more useful. And the building work taking place next door at Kings Cross means it’ll soon be even better.
Do you agree? Got a better nominee? Let me know.

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