iPhone app of the year

In Awards on December 7, 2010 at 11:25 am

It’s December, which means it’s time for the award ceremonies to kick off once again. Last night saw the announcement of the Turner Prize at Tate Britain, and I know you’ll all be watching eagerly for who wins the World Stupidity Award, and Postman of the Year.

Last year I launched my inaugural online awards, giving prizes for my favourite museums, books, sandwiches and facebook status updates, amongst others. This year I shall be awarding more of the same, plus some entirely new categories, along with details of the runners up in each field. First up are what I consider to be the finest apps of the year for a geek with an iPhone.

Runners up …

GPSMS – your friends will always know where you are with this mapping app, which pinpoints where you are and sends a message with your location to a contact in your phone. It’s particularly useful when meeting up in a large or crowded place, such as Hyde Park on a summer’s day or at a music festival. And it’s also good if you’re lost and want to show someone where you are. Or if, like me, you live on a street with an unconventional numbering system.

Words with Friends – a highly addictive scrabble-like game to play on the move. Download it at your peril.

FlightRadar24 – what’s that plane in the sky? Why, it’s a British Airways A320 on its way to Heathrow from Madrid. Instant informational gratification. Amazing for plane geeks!

And the winner is …

London Cycle – always know where the nearest Boris Bike is, and where you can drop it off. Vital if you’re running late for a meeting and need to hot foot it across the West End.

  1. Good choice – London Cycle is a superb app and includes the excellent cycle route mapping gubbins from (works on anything with internet access so good for those without iPhones).

    GPSMS is another great idea, simply and superbly executed. However, I fear for my spare time if I download either of the other two!

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