What’s next for museum education?

In Museum [Insider], Museums, new content on November 4, 2010 at 8:28 am

The way education services in museums are run has changed enormously over time. From clipboards and photocopied worksheets to interactive whiteboards and sophisticated mechanisms for measuring learning. As a sector we are able to articulate what we want people to learn when they interact with a museum – at the museum, on their computer or in their school – and we have the tools to plan how to achieve this.

We’ve also made huge leaps and bounds in terms of access to museums and their collections, widening audiences and encouraging a new generation of museum visitors.

Like an impatient schoolchild, the education sector doesn’t like to sit still for long. It always wants to move on and find new ways of working.

So I asked myself, and a few others, what we think the future is for museum education. What’s next on the agenda?

I spoke to Samantha Heywood (Director of Learning and Interpretation at the Imperial War Museum), Gillian Wolfe (Director of Learning at Dulwich Picture Gallery) and Viv Golding (a lecturer and museum learning expert at the Univesity of Leicester’s Department of Museum Studies) and asked them what they thought was coming next.

Their answers make for interesting reading, in a features article on Museum [Insider].


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