5.3 million tune in to Turn Back Time

In what i'm reading on November 3, 2010 at 4:24 pm

5.3 million people watched the opening programme in the BBC’s new timeshift documentary Turn Back Time: The High Street, according to a ratings article in The Guardian.

But what did the critics make of it?

Tom Sutcliffe, writing in The Independent, thought it was a fun history lesson, but it sounds like the jury is still out for Lucy Mangan in The Guardian, who seems to have warmed to the participants in the programme, but not the concept itself.

Memorable TV likes the concept. Liam Tucker, writing for TV Pixie, thought the show was going to be tedious, but ended up being rather absorbed by the historical commentary.

And, oh dear, the Metro didn’t like it.

So it didn’t get panned, but it didn’t get raved about. I don’t suppose it’s ever going to take on the X-factor in terms of ratings, but to get over 5 million people to watch a social history programme on a Wednesday evening is pretty good going, if you ask me. Let’s hope all of them don’t turn up at the pop-up-shops we’ve built around the country! After a good start in the south west last weekend, the exhibitions are on the road to Clacton and Chatham ready to open on Friday.


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