Dulwich OnView is celebrated at EVA conference

In Dulwich OnView, what i'm reading on July 7, 2010 at 3:34 pm

The online magazine Dulwich OnView, for which I write articles sometimes, was showcased (yet again!) at the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA) conference in London this week. The Computer Arts Society and the Chartered Institute for IT. They say that since it’s conception in 1992, ‘the EVA conference series has established itself as a natural home from which to explore the richly interdisciplinary and constantly evolving world of digital visualisation.’

The paper presented on our project focussed on the social nature of our magazine, highlighting how we come together as a group to make the blog. And this, I believe, is the key to the success of the magazine – we are friends in real life and we have created an online social network which reflects that.

The paper Dulwich OnView: an art museum-based virtual community generated by the local community is available to read on the EVA proceedings website.

With thanks to the authors Ingrid Beazley, Jonathan P. Bowen, Alison H.Y. Liu and Sarah McDaid, who have done a great job of celebrating our successes.

That reminds me, I must go and post an article on DOV. I’ve got a great one waiting to go live….


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