My ‘Grand Tour’ of museums

In Museums on May 17, 2010 at 11:20 am

I’ve not updated this blog in a week or so as I’ve just been so busy, going to so many museums.

Last week in Vienna we visited the Kunsthistorisches Museum (a holy grail for any art historian or museum lover) and the Haus der Musik (an award-winning visitor experience about the science and art of music production). We also visited the conservation work going on at St Stephensdom and climbed the tower there. The Museums Quarter in Vienna is quite amazing – so many institutions all crammed into one small area!

Then, after an overnight train ride to Florence, we visited the Uffizi to see their amazing collection including Birth of Venus, et al. (Remember to book your tickets online in advance) and the Academia Gallery (to see David and some other great Michelangelos. Another city, another tower – this time of the infamous Duomo. And another Cathedral – the art inside the Basilica San Lorenzo is like a museum in itself. Also worth seeing in Florence – and with shorter queues! – are the Museo del Bargello (a former prison and now home to a collection of European sculpture) and the stunning interiors of the Palazzo Vecchio. But I’d suggest skipping Dante’s House – it’s just some text panels on a wall and a gift shop.

Phew, with all those museums, plus a trip to the Vienna Philharmonic I’m still catching up with myself. And also plenty of fine European food. Right, off to the gym to burn it all off, and where I won’t think about museums for at least an hour!


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