Vishvapani on generosity and happiness

In happiness on March 13, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Vishvapani is a Buddhist writer, based in Manchester. I first came across his writings when he spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day slot, and I’ve continued to enjoy his contributions there.

His work explores how the teachings of Buddhism interact with the modern world and he can often be relied upon to present an alternative or insightful view on a current issue or trend.

In his slot on the radio this morning, Vishvapani was talking about the challenge fundraising in the modern world, especially by people who try and stop you on the street, asking you to give money. It’s very easy for us to dismiss them and to walk on by. In his speech this morning he explained how Buddhists approach giving:

“According to Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths, the origin of suffering is craving. Turning that around, happiness comes from contentment and generosity. That’s why giving is the most fundamental Buddhist practice. It expresses a healthy attitude to life because it connects you to others. It recognizes that we depend on other people. And if you want to create a better society, Buddhism says, you should give, because a good society is a generous one in which people care for each other.”

You can read the full transcript on the Thought for the Day website.

The above quote is copyright BBC, 2010.

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