Bonnie Greer sets Nick Griffin right

In Museums on October 23, 2009 at 11:16 am

Last night’s Question Time on BBC1 caused quite a stir, primarily because of the presence of Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party on the panel. He is an odious man and managed to show himself to be the complete and utter fool everyone knows him as, on national television. I’m pleased the BBC allowed him to be on the show. Giving him the chance to spout his nonsense in a primetime public arena, means we can all now openly criticise him for not only being misguided, but also wrong and stupid.

It was great to see Bonnie Greer on the panel as well. And well done to her for recommending that Griffin visit the British Museum to brush up on his ancient history. Watch the video of Bonnie putting Nick Griffin right on his history.

I worked on the interpretation for the Ancient Europe Gallery (Room 51) at the BM, to which Bonnie Greer referred. Do pop along and see the display if you’re interested. We used a moving map to show the migration of settlers onto the UK mainland after the last Ice Age. And there are objects in the display from the first hunter-gatherers and famers who inhabited Britain. Perhaps you’ll spot Griffin in there, brushing up on the history of migrating peoples.


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