Happiness search: facebook

In happiness on July 3, 2009 at 9:14 am

If this project is going to be indicative of where I spend time on the Internet, it had probably also include facebook. Having disabled facebook scrabble (a source of much happiness to me, but not at all conducive to the life of a writer) I now spend a lot less time on the site. Face book never ceases to amaze with what it can throw up. Let’s see what happens when I search for happiness:

Happiness – nearly 60,000 people have signed up to be fans of happiness. They say: ‘what is better than a true emotion that we can express through smiles and laughter. nothing. we have pages for our favourite artists and stores, but what about our favourite emotion?’
Cyanide & Happiness – a visual artist with an interest in comics and superheros with nearly 80,000 fans. You can read their peculiar comic blog here (not on facebook).

HAPPINESS – a positivity movement with 68,000 fans. They say: ‘Happiness is a Choice! Let’s make this world a better place by choosing to be happy and making the people around us happy. Let’s spread the Love and the Good Vibes!’

Happiness Nki Nwaokolo  – a personal profile. She lives in London and supports Manchester United. (I haven’t posted a link as I don’t want to think we’re stalking her!)

Happiness – a group for sharing happiness. They say: ‘Just add pictures of happy things, or things that make you happy!’ They have 6,000 fans.


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